Mute List - Unmute option does not work.


I have had a Second Life account since August 05, 2013. Around that time, for the first two months, I used to hang out at the Welcome Center on the Mainland. During that time, I muted some people. I muted them on the Radegast Viewer. I muted Corwin Gant, Max Royce, JumpyMcBunnyton Resident, PelleDK Crystal, Chinkbando Resident, and Zenfart Stiglitz. Then sometime this year, I noticed that those people were still on my Mute List and I wanted to remove them. In Radegast, I tried clicking each name in the Mute List and selecting 'Unmute', but that didn't work. As soon as I clicked the 'Refresh' button in the Radegast viewer, the people I unmuted would show up again. So then I tried going to each person's profile and then selecting 'Unmute' from there. This also did not remove them from the Mute List. I tried logging into the Firestorm viewer, and I encountered the same problems. I could not remove these people from my Mute list.

Earlier this week, I muted some more Residents and some objects; and I tried removing them from the Mute List yesterday. When I logged in on Radegast today, I discovered that the objects were no longer listed in the Mute List, but the people that I muted this week - Azul Lyter, AlexMichaelBlood Resident, ShadowmakerL Resident, Rageuemuisgreat Resident, and MisterDestiny1981 Resident were still on the Mute List. I have tried to remove them, but I can't.

I think there is a glitch in Radegast, where if you mute a Resident, they will be permanently muted forever, even if you try to unmute them. I've tried doing a clean Install (using CCleaner and deleting hidden Radegast folders). I've also tried removing people from my Mute List on two different computers - a laptop with Windows XP (32-bit) and a laptop with Windows Vista (32-bit). If you could look into this glitch, I would greatly appreciate it.

PS - I think this might be related to another glitch that I am experiencing that I haven't reported yet. On another account, I unchecked 'List on my Profile' for a certain group that I am in. Since then, I have tried to get that group to show up on my Profile, but nothing I do in Radegast or Firestorm will accomplish that. When I get on an alternate account and look at my man account's profile, all the other groups will be visible except for that one.

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March 5, 2014, 2:53 PM

UPDATE: I just tried unmuting the Residents that I muted earlier this week, and they are no longer on the Mute List now. So the Unmute option does appear to be working. However the names from last year that I muted cannot be removed. Maybe an earlier version of Radegast was glitched and it has since been fixed. If that is the case, go ahead and close this issue ticket, and I'll contact Second Life directly and ask them to remove those names. Thank you.

March 6, 2014, 1:56 AM

UPDATE: I was able to get the group issue resolved. It had nothing to do with Radegast. It was because my group was set to not "Show in Search". I'm still waiting to hear back from Second Life about my other account not letting me remove certain people from my Mute List.








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