Radegast causing major memory leaks when presenting new ToS


For the second time I have witnessed major memory leaks occuring when Radegast is reconnecting with Auto-Reconnect enabled and the client is being presented a new ToS for acceptance. Memory leaks will occur when there is no user interaction on the ToS dialog over a short period of time.

The first time I have experienced this issue Radegast was the only userspace program running on the box and I was able to see the ToS dialog before the box crashed on me with exhausted memory.

The second time I have witnessed this, a remote box running multiple Radegast clients has had so immense memory leaks that the box was unable to write any more files to disk because of lack of available swap, thereby my Windows Update database got destroyed and the remote box crashed unrecoverably until I performed a system restore (Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, latest patches).

This is a huge issue. I have Windows Eventlogs that prove exhausted memory and Radegast was the only running program on both machines. I realized it was the ToS issue again when I logged in the 2 crashed clients locally and got the ToS dialog.

I know this is not much of debug information at all, but it's a clear thing that this memory leak is directly and solely related to Radegast. Please take a look into it. Maybe a thread keeps reconnecting while presenting the ToS dialog?

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Latif Khalifa
September 19, 2013, 9:25 AM

Radegast will now stop trying to auto reconnect when new TOS is out.

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