Speech plugin repeating and options.


When tabbing to the nearby avitars list, the speech plugin will announce, "Nearby Avitars". When tabbing back to chat input, it will announce that twice more. This will also happen if you shift+tab to the list from the chat input field, except this time it will say chat input twice before saying nearby avitars. I have also seen multiple times when it will not announce what item I am arrowing over when I'm in my inventory though when it does this I am grateful because it interferes with speech from my screenreader and I end up flushing it a few times if I am searching through a big list. Would it be possible to have some configurable options to go along with the plugin to tell it what to speak and what not to? The inventory screen would be one place for example where I wouldn't want to speak at all as I can move much faster through it with NVDA.

Steps to Reproduce

From the chat input window, tab to the nearby people list, then tab once more to get back to chat input. Reverse this to hear the plugin say chat input twice. Shift+tab from chat input to the nearby people list.


Mike Wassel
March 4, 2014, 7:09 PM

One more option I just thought of to add to the list would be to have speech stop saying the avitars as you arrow through them from the chat windows listbox.




Mike Wassel




.NET / Windows64

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