Keyboard shortcuts and sounds for notifications.


When getting notifications (from the recieving items/teleport requests/notifications), we currently have no way of knowing what that notification is, or when it comes in. However, if we use the speech plugin their is a chime that sounds when we get one and it would read it. Now that their is a addon for for nvda and scripts for jaws for those that use the most popular screenreaders, most people that I know now do not use the speech plugin anymore. If we could have either a browse dialogue to select a sound for a notification or if the sound like the chime that is used from the speech plugin it would make this a lot easier to know when a notification comes in. The other thing that would be extremely helpful for notifications is keyboard shortcuts. Since the notifications seem to be dialogues that pop up, having a shortcutwhen we read the notification would be very helpful, especially when discarding multiple things quickly. Or, if we know when a teleport request comes in we could press alt+T and it would activate the teleport button. Or Alt+Y for Yes, alt+N for No, or other buttons that come up. Pretty much any keyboard shortcuts that can be added would greatly decrease what we have to tab around multiple times to find. For example, the nearby chat people list could be alt+P or something to jump quickly to it. Or, alt+H to jump directly to chat history when we are in the main chat window.

Steps to Reproduce

Get a notification for anything. You can shift+tab to get to it faster, but start getting multiple notifications and you'll be put back into the chat window. Now tab around to get back to the notification. Do you know when the notification came in? It is also a pain to have multiple notifications sitting there and have no quick way of getting rid of them. Currently we have to shift+tab, read what the notification is, and then shift+tab twice to get to discard every single time. If you have a lot of notifications, it can get extremely annoying to have to do this multiple times. The only button that has a shortcut assigned to it is an ok button for when you get paid.




Mike Wassel




.NET / Windows64

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